Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai burning

This article captures what every one of us is feeling.

Have we been pushed to the brink?
Have we pushed them to the brink?
Should we strike back?
at whom?
make innocents homeless like Uncle Sam did, so that we quench our thirst for revenge?
Will this even be revenge?
or will it just be a battle with ourselves?
will an eye for an eye really make all of us go blind?
or will we be the only ones who end up with sore cheeks!?
Will we play into their hands by going to war with terror?
Why should we be the only ones to suffer?
why not "share" the suffering?
Why are we still such a "soft-target"?
Why do terrorists find it so easy to walk into our home & kill us?
Why are our politicians so lame?
Why does not even a single one of them inspire confidence?
Is our best response always ,"we condemn this strongly"?
Is this the price of being a democracy?
Why can't we walk around our homes without fear?
Why should we pay for what happened even before many of us were born?
Why should anyone have to be killed for what they had no say in?

is this the answer to a misplaced sense of revenge?


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