Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai burning

This article captures what every one of us is feeling.

Have we been pushed to the brink?
Have we pushed them to the brink?
Should we strike back?
at whom?
make innocents homeless like Uncle Sam did, so that we quench our thirst for revenge?
Will this even be revenge?
or will it just be a battle with ourselves?
will an eye for an eye really make all of us go blind?
or will we be the only ones who end up with sore cheeks!?
Will we play into their hands by going to war with terror?
Why should we be the only ones to suffer?
why not "share" the suffering?
Why are we still such a "soft-target"?
Why do terrorists find it so easy to walk into our home & kill us?
Why are our politicians so lame?
Why does not even a single one of them inspire confidence?
Is our best response always ,"we condemn this strongly"?
Is this the price of being a democracy?
Why can't we walk around our homes without fear?
Why should we pay for what happened even before many of us were born?
Why should anyone have to be killed for what they had no say in?

is this the answer to a misplaced sense of revenge?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

So far..So good

I like
- Doing exactly what i had envisioned for myself 2 years ago
- my uni & the way they teach
- friday night movies
- live music
- the national library. What a collection!
- the food

Don't like
- the way they brake in the local buses
- only 24 hours in a day!
- No bike as yet

I miss
- my bike
- my stereo
- coffee breaks which doubled as our "gossip" time
- staggering home in the wee hours after a long saturday night party
- weekend trips


That was how we watched F1.. an amazing experience.. An eagerly awaited thing from a few years..watching from home I had always wondered how it would feel to watch the GP from a few metres i know! :)
Nothing prepares you for the sweet sound of the engines..You can hear the cars long before you see them..And after about 5 laps you have to keep your ear plugs on if you want to retain their services for next years race! We could hardly hear each other when the cars passed us by..
& they are FAST..thankfully we were near the corner & not near the grandstand(not that we could afford it anyway).. both my partners in crime clicked pics by the dozen & I recorded the sound of the cars for posterity..which btw now is my alarm music!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Opening my wings

Being in a transitional mode for the last couple of years, it finally feels like I will stay put for some time. Or maybe I should be careful what I wish for. Coming to this island nation has been the result of a chain of events that started a long time ago. If I had never come here,met people, known about the options I had, maybe I would still be back home, still living a life of constant transition, but more importantly still biking :). You gain some, you lose some. Now that I have taken the plunge to get myself a higher education, against a few odds, finances topping the list, I might as well enjoy it. Having good friends here majorly cushions the moving. It still feels like transition & will be interesting to see how long the feeling lasts....